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Welcome to Rootsteps

Rootsteps specializes in developing the professional website that perfectly suits your business, your goals and maybe even your aura. 🧘

But really: we think it's important that your website looks as great as you do. It must meet the highest modern standards so that it can contribute to your turnover. Because otherwise, why do you have a nice website? We make the websites of the future. 🛸

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This makes us the perfect digital agency

Rootsteps makes the smallest entrepreneur in the street the largest in online presence. With ease. And that's probably because we have the cross-media knowledge to actually make it happen...


With years of experience, we can create absolutely any website you have in mind.


Our service is fast, but so are our websites and servers. Top quality stuff.


Our websites are reliable, secure and comply with all modern standards.


We'll address you by your first name, prepare the coffee for you when you're there, and we'd love to see you face-to-face.


We are a website agency with expertise in various disciplines that are all used.


Your website has been checked and updated regularly, without you noticing.

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High-end website performance

Rootsteps delivers successful websites with the most impressive design, the most efficient code for the most beautiful online interactions. Just the right cocktail to proudly make your website available to everyone.

What we do

Rootsteps services

At Rootsteps, we want everything to be just right, which is why we also offer these services as a separate service.


Professional websites are our primaire dienstverlening: real quality designs are at the forefront of the industry. We make modern designs, based on the latest techniques. Your website deserves the best experience and the fastest loading times. All in a beautifully scalable package.

User Experience Optimization (UXO)

It optimizing the user experience or a website, app, product, or service. UXO is the process by which Rootsteps improves the user experience to ensure that users stay longer on the pages where they need and are happier with the content you have to offer. Rootsteps makes your website a pleasant environment for all visitors.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

A form of digital marketing that focuses on promoting websites by means of search engines. Rootsteps is not only an on-site SEO specialist, providing in-depth analyses that give you enormous differentiation. Our customers have proven to be successful in their online findability.


What customers say about us

At Rootsteps, expectations are exceeded, we contribute ideas and work forward. We were looking for a reliable partner to perfectly represent our brand experience; through the cooperation with Rootsteps, a representation was achieved that is commensurate with the quality of our products. We are proud of the material configurator with AI technology that allows customers to “digitally” test our products themselves.

Rene Visser


Throughout the entire process of renewing, transferring and designing our website, contact was pleasant. The design fits our needs exactly and we have already received many new requests via the website! We contribute ideas, keep in touch and help with the further design. Thank you so much for the pleasant cooperation, now and in the future.

Marcella Veringmeier

Gardener van der Heijden

We are very satisfied with Rootsteps. They really think along with you, apply their creativity and expertise, and that results in a super nice website that exudes what we want! Personal contact is something that Rootsteps excels at!

Linda den Boer

The Lemon Spirit

A website that meets modern standards.

You may not be interested in technology, but we are happy to make it a hobby to find out how everything can be done faster, prettier and finer. At Rootsteps, you know that we work on the basis of current modern standards. Here's our technology stack: