Aspar Tuinaanleg B.V.

Looking for a professional gardener for your landscaping and garden design? Discover how Rootsteps created a beautiful website for Aspar Tuinaanleg B.V. Let your garden shine with luxury and elegance. Learn more about our expertise in this case.
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Aspar Tuinaanleg B.V.

Over de klant

Rootsteps has had the privilege to work with Aspar Tuinaanleg B.V., a leading company that has been creating enchanting garden designs, building creative gardens and maintaining both large and slightly smaller gardens since 1988. Under the leadership of Siem Kruithof, Aspar Tuinaanleg B.V. has developed into a team of 20+ passionate gardeners.


Our well-organized and structured website reflects their expertise and offers an enchanting look at their beautiful garden projects. Be inspired by the harmony of greenery and discover the unique creations of Aspar Tuinaanleg B.V.

Over het project


The purpose of the website is to provide Aspar Tuinaanleg B.V. with a professional online presence and to inform potential customers about the company's services and expertise. The website should reflect Aspar Tuinaanleg's luxury, elegance and structured approach, and offer a clear and attractive user experience.

Target group:

The target group of Aspar Tuinaanleg B.V. consists of both private customers and companies interested in high-quality garden designs, landscaping and garden maintenance. The customers range in size from small gardens to larger projects.


For the Aspar Tuinaanleg B.V. website, we opted for a concept that emphasizes the company's luxury and elegance. The design will be clean and organized, with a user-friendly navigation structure. The color palettes will include natural and earthy tones to highlight the connection with nature. The concept will also include wellness elements to highlight the focus on relaxation and harmony in the gardens.


  1. Homepage: An attractive introduction page with an overview of Aspar Tuinaanleg B.V.'s services and highlights of completed projects. It should address visitors directly and encourage them to further explore the website.
  2. Portfolio: A section with an extensive gallery of garden designs and projects completed by Aspar Tuinaanleg B.V. Each project is presented with images and a description of the design, materials and plants used. This helps potential customers better understand the craftsmanship and style of Aspar Tuinaanleg B.V.
  3. Services: A clear page that describes the various services provided by Aspar Tuinaanleg B.V., such as garden design, landscaping and garden maintenance. Each section includes detailed information and any additional options that customers can choose from.
  4. Contact: A contact page with a form that allows visitors to contact Aspar Tuinaanleg B.V directly. In addition, the company's contact details, including address, telephone number, and email address, are also included.


With Aspar Tuinaanleg B.V.'s new website, a professional and attractive online presence is being created. The website reflects the company's core values, with a luxurious and elegant look. The clear and structured navigation makes it easy for potential customers to find information and get in touch. The website acts as an effective marketing tool that supports the

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Acquisition of customers via the website
Animations & Interactions
Custom-made design
An overview of services
Fotogalerij met navigatie mogelijkheden tussen de foto's (lightbox)
Portfolio with completed projects