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Learn how we've integrated vibrant and elegant photos into a responsive website that's perfectly displayed on all devices.
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Cool project... “Better Call Paul!” At Rootsteps, we've enjoyed creating an extraordinary online experience for Better Call Paul's professional services! The mission was clear - we can not only build a website, but Better Call Paul's photos! show their most agile side. The beauty of the photos is indescribable, let's face it!

Over het project

Customer question

Better Call Paul! asked Rootsteps to design and develop the website with the main goal: “to create a unique work of art and to demonstrate the artsy shots correctly and as respectfully as possible”. The unique feature of this website is the use of movement, contrast, abstraction, flexibility in a dark narrative setting, which are both smoothly and aesthetically displayed on various devices. In other words: the website just has to be dope, with very attractive lines, magnetizing the visitors. If there is such a thing as magnetized visitors...


  1. Create an engaging and engaging online presence for Paul's professional services.
  2. Use moving and elegant photos to highlight the website's aesthetic.
  3. Make sure the website is responsive and works well on various devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

How did we do it?

Design and Visuals

  1. Using the customer's color palette is standard practice - and what's best for a photo other than black and white? This gives a sense of professionalism, luxury and abstraction.
  2. Select moving photos that are relevant to the nature of Better Call Paul!” s services. By the way, the selection of the photos was entirely left to the customer. In collaboration, we came to creative positioning and animation. Other visual elements that reflect the quality of the work.
  3. Use subtle animations and transition effects to emphasize the agility of the photos without overwhelming the user experience.

Below: here you are looking at a backdrop filter that subtly blurs the underlying elements. In addition, the element itself has a slightly lighter color and transparency, which makes it look like milk glass. This element increases the status and gives a luxurious modern feel.

Responsive Design

  1. Work with responsive web design that adapts to different screen sizes and devices. This ensures that the website looks and works well regardless of whether it is viewed on a desktop monitor or a small smartphone screen.
  2. Test the website regularly on different devices to ensure that the layout and functionality are consistent.


  1. Provide an intuitive nav, where important information is easily accessible to the user.
  2. Minimize the number of clicks needed: we want to scroll...

Optimization for Speed

  1. Compress images as little as possible and maintain user bandwidth so that there is as much focus as possible for the photos without sacrificing the quality of the photos. This is to ensure that website loading times are minimal, especially on mobile devices with limited bandwidth.
  2. Use of caching, lightboxes, and other UX techniques to improve website performance.

Content and Call-to-Actions

  1. Write clear, concise, and compelling content that clearly communicates the quality of the services.
  2. Place clear “Call-to-Action” buttons in strategic locations on the website to encourage visitors to get in touch.


With the implementation of this project, Rootsteps has created a complementary artwork for “Better Call Paul!” The use of agile and elegant photos, combined with a responsive design, completes everything. The website shows Better Call Paul's services in a luxurious and unique way and ensures that they are displayed consistently on all devices and, above all, with respect for the photos. As a result, “Better Call Paul!” a compelling online appeal and we are very proud of our collective input and collaboration.

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