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Over de klant


Rootsteps has developed a modern, black and white and creative website for Zakelijk Visible, a video production company led by Caressa Timmermans. The website is built around the company's unique vision and is designed to highlight Zakelijk Visible's professionalism and creative approach.

Over het project

The website design is sleek and elegant, with a black and white color scheme and eye-catching icons that draw attention to key aspects of the business. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for visitors to navigate and find information about Business Visible products and services.

The website also includes an extensive video gallery, where visitors can view a selection of the company's most recent and impressive videos. In addition, a clear contact form is available, so that visitors can easily contact Business Visible.

With the delivery of this modern and creative website, Zakelijk Visible is now able to express its professionalism and unique approach online and show it to potential customers. The eye-catching visual elements and user-friendly interface are sure to contribute to an excellent online experience for visitors.

Website kenmerken

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