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Caravan Studio

Over de klant

Caravan Studio is a start-up and a new company that specializes in caravan rentals and transforming old caravans into breathtaking gems. With a passion for creating the most beautiful caravans, Caravan Studio brings life to forgotten caravans by pimping them into unique and stylish travel accommodations. The creative approach and attention to detail ensure that each caravan gets (back) a personality and charm that inspires travelers. At Caravan Studio, it's all about having fun in nature, something you see in all their products.


We had the pleasure to create a beautiful website with Denise (owner). Our team developed the creative layout of the website and contributed to setting it up for findability and interactivity. Small details have been added to make Caravan studio's caravans come more to life. Unique!

Over het project


Creating a dynamic, interactive and fun website for Caravan Studio to showcase the company's unique caravans and attract potential customers.

Target group

Adventurous travelers, vacationers, camping enthusiasts and anyone looking for a unique caravan experience.


The Caravan Studio website is designed to bring the warmth, adventure and fun of traveling with pimped caravans to life. The color scheme includes warm tones and earthy colors to create a welcoming atmosphere. The design uses dynamic elements, smooth animations and interactive features to engage visitors and show them how Caravan Studio turns old caravans into new adventures.


  1. Homepage: An impressive and vibrant home page with catchy text, attractive image of a pimped caravan and organically modern navigation at the bottom.
  2. Caravans: An overview of caravan rentals and pimped caravans, with each option illustrated with compelling photos and a brief description of the unique features and benefits.
  3. Gallery: Integrated gallery, with visually appealing content where visitors can browse through photos of the beautiful pimped caravans, extension possible with a before-and-after module so that people can view the caravans before and after the transformation.
  4. Reservations: A user-friendly reservation system that allows visitors to easily select a caravan, check availability and make a reservation immediately.
  5. Blog: A blog section with inspiring stories, travel tips, and adventure experiences, inspiring visitors to plan their own trips and explore the world.
  6. Contact: A contact page with all necessary information, including contact details, a contact form, and a map to show Caravan Studio's physical location.


The Caravan Studio website reflects the company's values and identity and draws the attention of potential customers through the combination of dynamism, interaction, animation, warmth, adventure and conviviality. It invites visitors to explore the world of Caravan Studio and experience their own adventurous journey with a pimped caravan.

Website kenmerken

Acquisition of customers via the website
Blog with category and tag functionality
Animations & Interactions
Custom-made design
An overview of products
Fotogalerij met navigatie mogelijkheden tussen de foto's (lightbox)
Kalender met events
Multi Social Media Channels
Nieuwssectie met nieuwslijst en nieuwspagina
Refenties en klantbeoordelingen
Request a quote system with mail processing