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Wet Paint Boutique has become a beautiful, sleek and modern webshop, with an emphasis on branding. We created the webshop with the aim of increasing the interaction speed of website visitors. The initial loading times may be slightly higher, but fortunately, customers can be kept happy on-site. The website includes elements that support branding and make it a complete experience.

Over het project

Switch new design from WordPress to October CMS

The Wet Paint Boutique webshop has made a complete transition to a modern new design, inspired by the main concept that was originally created in WordPress. More about October CMS.

Collection of great stylish products

Wet Paint Boutique contains a collection of beautiful and stylish products by fine art designers - fresh picks from the Netherlands, you might say. It's easy to browse, fast shopping and great personal service (run by Sabine, the owner). It has a warm feel, fine details and its own branding that enhances the customer experience!

Are you looking for art deco pieces, check out the shop

Website kenmerken

Acquisition of customers via the website
Custom-made design
An overview of products
Fotogalerij met navigatie mogelijkheden tussen de foto's (lightbox)
Multi Social Media Channels
Verkoop van producten via de website (E-commerce)
Refenties en klantbeoordelingen