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Over de klant


Puur Balance was only too eager to switch from WordPress to a new CMS. The website had many delaying factors, many different plugins, and an outdated method of loading images. The website now loads much faster and is also easy to maintain. The switch from WordPress took a total of 1.5 weeks.

Over het project

Easy navigation

A simple study showed that the user of the Puur Balance website was looking for the best-selling services: this search behavior occurred relatively early and also at the top of the homepage. That is why we chose to display the 3 best-selling services including a photo and a short summary. This makes scanning the page easier and channels the end user to the right destination.

Website kenmerken

Blog with category and tag functionality
Custom-made design
An overview of services
Request a quote system with mail processing
Refenties en klantbeoordelingen