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Over de klant


The Leef website has been set up to let the images speak for themselves. Subtle lines divide the website and provide an overview, but leave room for a clear layout and good spacing between different elements.

Over het project

Notable features

  1. The navigation bar disappears when you navigate down to give more space at the top.
  2. Where possible, images are not loaded until they are in view.
  3. The corporate identity includes a diaphragm, this element is reflected in various places in the design of the website.

Navigation bar

The navigation bar disappears when you navigate down. The company is focused on images. We therefore wanted to give space for those images to stand out as well as possible, and it is then desirable that the image be as large as possible. Don't worry though: the navigation bar comes back when you move up.

Lazy loading

Intelligent lazy loading is using lazy loading where necessary. For example, it is not wise to just serve all images “lazyloaded”. It's very necessary here for Live Photo & Film, because everything depends on good photos and videos.


The diaphragm was created for the first time via web design. We thought it gave the items in the portfolio a nice artistic edge, so we will also return this to various places on the website: buttons for navigation, social media and the logo ultimately also includes an aperture element.

Website kenmerken

Acquisition of customers via the website
Custom-made design
An overview of services
Fotogalerij met navigatie mogelijkheden tussen de foto's (lightbox)
Multi Social Media Channels
Nieuwssectie met nieuwslijst en nieuwspagina
Portfolio with completed projects
Refenties en klantbeoordelingen
Request a quote system with mail processing