Eeterij de Beleving

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Over de klant


Eeterij de Beleving asked if we wanted to give the outdated site a modern look. Rootsteps made a design that closely mimics the interior of Eeterij de Beleving: Irish, ropes, boats, fish and stained glass. All aspects bring you closer to the Experience!

Over het project

Eeterij de Beleving Christmas Menu

Eeterij de Beleving's Christmas menu in 2020: the year of the corona crisis and perhaps the toughest year for the hospitality industry in the Netherlands. We support our clients, so Eeterij de Beleving also received a nice Christmas page from us at no extra cost where people could still share their Christmas menu.

Stained glass navigation bar

To make the stained glass come back as much as possible, a stained glass navigation bar was chosen. Here we simulate the light coming through the windows. The windows that also appear in the interior of Eeterij de Beleving.

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