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The Lemon Spirit Website was created in October CMS and includes the latest updates to our latest components.
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Over de klant


The Lemon Spirit Website was created in October CMS and includes the latest updates to our latest components.

Over het project

Recently, as a website agency, Rootsteps developed a professional website for The Lemon Spirit ( Our client wanted a website that perfectly matches the unique atmosphere of their company, a webshop where customers could order their products and, above all, a website that is fast, easy to use and easy to find by search engines. We are proud of the end result.

The website design is modern and sleek, with bright colors that reflect the fresh atmosphere of The Lemon Spirit. We've also included images of The Lemon Spirit products to give visitors a good idea of what to expect.

But we didn't just look at the look of the website. We have also ensured a fast loading time for the website, so that visitors can browse the website quickly. This is important for user experience and search engine optimization. We have also provided a good structure and technical optimization so that search engines can easily crawl and understand the website.

The webshop that we have developed is an important part of the website. The webshop is user-friendly and easy to navigate, so visitors can easily find what they are looking for. There is also an integration for online payments so that customers can easily order and pay.

We are happy to have been able to work on this project and we hope that the website contributes to the success of The Lemon Spirit. We have created a website that is not only beautiful, but also fast, easy to use and easy to find by search engines. If you're looking for a professional website for your business, don't hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help you create a website that perfectly matches your needs and goals.

Website design for The Lemon Spirit

The design focuses primarily on the recipes and makes it possible to filter them via the category name. Many of The Lemon Spirit's recipes focus on cocktails, but others are also a favorite among chefs across the Netherlands for incorporating Limoncello into various dishes.

The Lemon Spirit Recipes

Call to action

A call to action should not be missing on a website, for the simple reason that people on a page have a specific goal in mind, which can be anything, but with The Lemon Spirit, it is of course to order a few bottles as quickly as possible.

The Lemon Spirit Kontakt (CTA)

Website navigation

We kept the navigation bar nice and compact because we want to leave more space for the images, to get as much flavor and atmosphere as possible.

The Lemon Spirit Navbar (Inactive)
The Lemon Spirit Navbar (Active)


4 columns, containing a moving butterfly incorporated into an <object>element.

The Lemon Spirit Footer

Website kenmerken

Acquisition of customers via the website
Custom-made design
An overview of products
Blog with category and tag functionality
Fotogalerij met navigatie mogelijkheden tussen de foto's (lightbox)
Animations & Interactions
Kalender met events
Multi Social Media Channels
Refenties en klantbeoordelingen
Verkoop van producten via de website (E-commerce)